Building a React To-Do App with Add, Edit, Delete, and Enter Key Features

Building a React To-Do App with Add, Edit, Delete, and Enter Key Features


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In this blog post, we will walk through the creation of a simple yet functional To-Do app using React. This app will include features for adding, editing, and deleting tasks, with new tasks appearing at the top of the list. Additionally, we will implement functionality to add or edit tasks by pressing the Enter key.

Step 1: Setup and Initial State

First, set up the React component and initialize the state. We need to import useState from React and create the initial state for tasks, the new task input, and the task being edited.

import { useState } from 'react';

const App = () => {
  const [tasks, setTasks] = useState([]); // State to manage the list of tasks
  const [newTask, setNewTask] = useState(''); // State to manage the input value for new or edited tasks
  const [editedTask, setEditedTask] = useState(null); // State to track which task is being edited (null means no task is being edited)

Step 2: Adding and Editing Tasks

Create a function to handle adding new tasks or editing existing ones. If a task is being edited, update the existing task. Otherwise, add the new task to the top of the list.

  // Function to handle adding or editing a task
  const handleAddTask = () => {
    if (newTask.trim() !== '') {
      if (editedTask !== null) {
        const updatedTasks = [...tasks];
        updatedTasks[editedTask] = {
          text: newTask,
          completed: tasks[editedTask].completed,
      } else {
        // Adding new task to the top of the list
        setTasks([{ text: newTask, completed: false }, ...tasks]);

Step 3: Deleting Tasks

Create a function to handle deleting a task by removing it from the tasks array based on the index.

  // Function to handle deleting a task
  const handleDeleteTask = (index) => {
    const updatedTasks = [...tasks];
    updatedTasks.splice(index, 1);

Step 4: Editing Tasks

To edit a task, set the task's index in the editedTask state and populate the input field with the task's text.

  // Function to handle setting a task for editing
  const handleEditTask = (index) => {

Step 5: Handling Enter Key Press

Add an event listener to the input field to handle the Enter key press, which triggers the task addition or edit function.

  // Function to handle Enter key press for adding/editing tasks
  const handleKeyPress = (e) => {
    if (e.key === 'Enter') {

Step 6: Rendering the Component

Render the component, including the input field, Add/Edit button, and the list of tasks. Apply some inline styles for a better visual presentation.

  return (
    <div style={styles.container}>
      <h1>To-Do List</h1>
          placeholder="Add/Edit a Task"
          onChange={(e) => setNewTask(}
          onKeyUp={handleKeyPress} // Add event listener for key press
        <button type="button" onClick={handleAddTask} style={styles.button}>
          {editedTask !== null ? 'Edit' : 'Add'}
      <ul style={styles.list}>
        {, index) => (
            className={task.completed ? 'completed' : ''}
                onClick={() => handleEditTask(index)}
                onClick={() => handleDeleteTask(index)}

Final Output


  • Developed a To-Do app using React that allows users to add, edit, and delete tasks.

  • Implemented the functionality to add new tasks at the top of the list and handle task additions or edits with the Enter key.

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